Freebie Play Time

After signing up for two freebie sites (or product review sites to give them their proper name) I have had tremendous fun trying all the products that I have been sent. Of course being me, I take the product testing very seriously and am now at the stage where those around me groan when I say, “Do you prefer this flavor or that one?” My teenage son is just waiting for the time I get a video game to review. I hate to tell him that as I’m not the demographic for that I probably won’t get one at all! Even though I have played video games since Asteroids was popular, and I was fantastic.

So, one of the products that I was sent by Influenster to test and review was nail polish called SinfulColors. Now let me start by saying I am not a girly girl. I don’t regularly have the time or inclination to paint my nails, plus as I am constantly cooking or gardening or painting something I find that the nail polish has a tendency to migrate into my bread dough or onto the trim in the dining room. It gets in the way, and then after a day or so it looks so scruffy and the day I spent feeling ladylike and polished is marred by the week of scruffy nails, until I can find the nail polish remover, which has been used to remove sticker residue from something and left in the garage, with the top off, and evaporated meaning a trip to Walgreens, etc. etc. you get the point. But in the interests of being a good Influenster I did actually paint my nails, and then I made bread, and then I weeded the back yard, and then I cleaned the toilet, and then I unblocked the sink in the bathroom, a typical day really. And at the end of the day, it was all still on! I was amazed. Actually it stayed on and looking really good for four days or so, which considering the punishment I give my hands was incredible!

Now, as the color I was sent to test was a lovely blue color, I did feel a little mutton dressed as lamb-ish but the funny thing was my husband said he liked seeing me wearing nail polish – he has never said such a thing in almost 30 years of being together! He quickly qualified it by saying, “It means you have taken some time to pamper yourself.” Ah, what a love bug!

As I am unlikely to wear blue nail polish much, I decided to see what else I could do with it.


The traditional way to use nail polish.


I think a whole set of wine glasses in different colors would be a fantastic gift!


No more wondering if it’s the hot or cold tap in the laundry room!



Son on an almost daily basis: “Mum, which key is the front door key?” Me before: “The one by the car key.” Son: “There’s two by the car key!” Me now: “The blue one.” Son: “OK, cool!”

This range of nail polish can be found @Walgreens.

#SinfulColors #contest #Influenster #GotItFree


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