Still saving money over here!

Recently I have been investigating earning/saving cash in the home. In previous posts I mentioned saving money by bundling home phone, internet and TV and also by changing our mobile phone plan. Well, after an hour long phone call with AT&T (no I didn’t get paid to write this review!) I managed to save $1,428 a year on everything. Plus I will get $150 in a rebate card. I get more TV channels too, even though all I really care about is BBC America, don’t judge me I’m a Doctor Who fanatic, I’m British remember? I grew up watching Doctor Who and I will never give it up, ever, not even for a jammy dodger. If you know what a jammy dodger is you are either a Brit too or a Whovian. Which ever you are, welcome. One tip I can offer you, call and speak to a representative. Don’t order from them right away, but take their number, then call another representative a few days later. Tell them what the other person said and then go back to that first person. I didn’t plan on doing this but it is how it worked out and we saved another $8.00 a month. Small potatoes I know but, and say this with me, every penny counts. $8 a month is almost $100 a year, it can be in your bank account or theirs, you choose.

I have also looked at a gift card saving site, called (also not paid to review this site, honestly!). It is really a simple idea, if you know you are going to have an expenditure in say Lowe’s, go online and take a look at their offers. Today there is a Lowe’s gift card with a value of $74.84 for sale for $67.66. That’s 9.6% savings. Quantities are, of course, limited as are the stores they offer but most of the major chains seem to be represented, as of today – Starbucks 18% off, Target 5% off, Aaron Brothers 20%, Marshals 16% off. These are not coupons, they are gift cards so you can use them as cash in the store and with a coupon. You might even be able to pay off a balance on a store credit card with them. Most of them are in-store only, check if you want them for online purchases. There are no other fees for you to pay and no postage. I ordered a PepBoys card for my husband’s oil change, well his car’s oil change really, and everything went fine. No problems at all, the card arrived in a few days and you can see on the picture we paid $27.61 for a card worth $31.27. It just takes a bit of advance thinking. Keep looking for great deals and save up for the holidays. You can sell unused gift cards to them too, I haven’t done that so I don’t know how it works exactly but their website says you choose the amount you want for the card, mail it off when it sells and get paid once you confirm postage. They take 15% of the selling price. If you have unused gift cards you will never use, it’s better to get something for them than nothing.


photo 2

I must say that I am loving the money saving. It is getting a bit addictive, to be honest. I have found that I do have my deal breakers – iPhone, BBC America, heinz ketchup looking at you all here – but being mindful of what the cash is going on makes me appreciate those things even more.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions if I can, I love to hear from people! Makes me feel loved.




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