CafePress Update


Have you ever thought it might be you?

I’m still plodding on with the CafePress store. I try and work it into my day so I don’t spend all day doing it, but it is seriously addictive. I have spent hours at a time noodling away, it’s like a crack habit! I look up from my computer and realize it’s dark outside, my kid has gone to bed, the dogs are even in their beds and the husband has a pair of noise canceling head phones on while he is reading, to block out my tip tapping on the keyboard. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but I have taken a break and realized that I am thirsty, hungry, need to go the the toilet etc. I am officially in the zone.
  • Time spent so far? Exorbitant!
  • Sales so far? Non-existant!
  • Fun had? Enormous!

I’ll keep on, keeping on.




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