Cafepress Store

My recent aim to increase the amount of cash that comes into our collective family money bucket (or teacup really in our case) has pushed me to try a new thing. I like new things. I have mulled over designing t-shirts for a while. I see myself as an ideas person primarily so I thought it would be time to actually take an idea and do something with it, hopefully it will result in a few dollars. So I sat down with a pen and pad and started to design a t-shirt. Then I realized that I have absolutely no talent at all for drawing, which was a bit of a surprise because I am a pretty creative person. But no, I can’t draw a straight line or a black cat in a coal mine at midnight. So, (business buzzword alert) I leveraged my resources and got my husband to draw it for me. He’s a graphic designer. He’s pictures I’m words. I had read a brief write up somewhere once for cafepress and have ordered products from them in the past but got serious and went and read up as much as I could. There wasn’t much actually and here are the distilled, cliff-notes version:

  • create a design
  • upload design to cafepress
  • choose what product to apply design to
  • watch the cash come rolling in

Nice, I thought. So, I got a few designs together via my design team/husband and got to work. There are two ways to sell on cafepress, the first is via a store front which is a template website you set up and have control over. It is free to set up a store if you choose the no up-front option, which I did because let’s face it people I pick up pennies on the street so I’m not likely to pay for anything unproven am I? The second is in their marketplace, which I’ll cover in another post because there is quite a lot to say about the marketplace. After you set up your account you have an option to create a new store. I then spent ages trying to get back to this page before I realized that up in the far right hand corner of the members page is an amorphous blob that is supposed to be a person. Click on this and the drop down menu has a shops option. This is the page you are looking for (sorry but it was just May 4th and the force is strong in me). Anyway, this page is where it’s all happening. This isn’t a tutorial so you’ll have to figure it all out on your own from here – or ask me a question, I’ll answer if I can. The store option is pretty cool though, you get to choose products to apply your designs to, apply them and then choose a mark up. I liked fantasizing how much money I could make. Would anyone pay $169.99 for a king sized duvet cover with my design on? It seems a lot to me, but I am cheap! Maybe it’s not high to others. The base price for that item on cafepress is $159.99 by the way so I would only actually be getting $10 of that $169.99, I’m not gouging or anything. Other items seemed more realistic to me and as I have ordered some of these items in the past I know that the quality and customer service is excellent. I uploaded a few designs and chose products, added write ups and generally noodled around for a day. It was fun. Now I have my own store my husband came up with the name Cursory Rhymes because we take nursery rhymes and monkey with them. I like the tag line “Messing with your childhood for financial gain.” he’s not so sure! Go have a look: Of course I want some samples to show off, but until someone else buys something I’m going to resist. The next thing to do is get people to visit my store and hopefully buy stuff. Hmmmm. Marketing. Not my strong suit but I am reasonably smart, I’ll have a go. Here is my first design, I love it! Feel free to comment.



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