Deadly Yoga

This week has been a week full of calm and relaxation. I started my health focused week enthusiastically. My 14 year old son is currently grounded which means as a punishment I walk him to school every morning and walk him home every afternoon. Mortifying for him, edifying for me.

I don’t usually get outside so early and apart from the crazy car situation outside the school, which we tend to avoid because for some reason my son has decided he likes to be in school really early and go in through the back gate (I wonder why?), it is very peaceful to be outside so early. It is cold too, which for our location (low desert) where the temperature often climbs into the hundreds it is a refreshing change. My early morning walk is also peaceful because my dogs, unlike every other dog I know, just refuse to get up before 9:30am. They look at me with, “Nope, not happening.” eyes and go back into their cozy beds.

A little later in the morning I settle down to do my yoga practice. I have found a lovely lady online, Ester Ekhart, whose calm and peaceful Swedish (I think but as I don’t know any Swedish people I could be way off) accent gently encourages me into the strangest positions I can imagine. They all have unpronounceable yoga names and wonderfully descriptive english translations. The half moon pose, the staff pose, mountain pose and so on. There was one Ester only described in yoga-ese which was my favorite. Lying on the floor, legs down, arms at the side, thinking about your breath. I looked it up. My favorite yoga pose is The Corpse Pose? Really? My idea of exercise is dying. How appropriate.

Moving on from the fact that I am enthusiastically imitating a dead body every morning my daily yoga practice has definitely been beneficial. I find myself doing mountain pose when I brush my teeth, standing firmer and straighter. My flexibility, long a problem because of a compromised disc in my spine, is improving dramatically.  Yoga gives me energy for the rest of the day, I am far more likely to fix that blind in my son’s bedroom or take the dogs for a longer walk before we pick up my naughty offspring. But it is a calm energy. I’m not manically running round hurrying to get stuff done. I move from one thing, to completion and then take a breath before moving on. That is a huge change for me. It makes me feel less like I’m forgetting something which is my usual brain pattern.

The dogs are also benefitting from daily walks. Being so small it is easy to forget that they need to walk outside their usual habitat to exercise their brains. They are definitely less bouncy and yippy after a consistent week of daily walks. I would love to take them twice a day but they are agreed that that won’t be necessary thank you very much. I think they held a meeting under the Ash tree in the back yard because they are surprisingly and unusually united in this.

My dilema will be what to do when the parole board meets to discuss my son’s pending release. I don’t want to stop my early morning walks but will have no reason to get outside. As I am one half of that parole board I should probably recuse myself. I’ll take it under advisement.


Panini: Wake me at 10:00am with a latte and biscotti.


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