things I want to change

As mentioned in my previous post, you read it right? I have made a list of things I’m not happy with in my life. Things that need some attention/work/changes. Here they are, in no order other than completely random:

  • dog behavior
  • money
  • health
  • organization
  • creativity
  • spirituality
  • garden
  • isolation
  • family relationships
  • mental health
  • happiness

You will note that dog behavior is at the top of the list. That is purely because someone dared to walk by my house while I was making the list and the two darling dogs I share my life with (not sure the sarcasm came through there?) decided to announce to the world that they had heard that person and were ready at a moment’s notice to run outside and bark ferociously until that person is Out Of Sight. I love ’em but sometimes I think they’d be happier with Jesus. My husband has threatened to make that happen.

So I need to decide which topic to address first. It seems like a huge undertaking but I’m not going to spend too much time thinking about it. That’s part of my problem. I think about everything. All the time. So, in the interests of paying my bills on time and having somewhere to put my computer again I have decided to start with organization.

I am actually a pretty organized person. I am lover of order. I don’t have much clutter in my house (moved too many times to keep carting useless stuff around). And yet my office space, which makes it sound much grander than it is. It is a third bedroom that is used as computer room, crafting area, storage for cookery books, paperwork, guest bedroom, and so on and so on – is functionally impaired. OK, it’s a mess. It needs work.

I’m going to tackle it in four stages:

  • Purge
  • organize
  • purchase appropriate solutions if necessary
  • maintain

To demonstrate the lack of functionality it just took me ten minutes to find a camera that turned out to not be charged. Sigh…

It’s a beautiful antique desk and deserves to be treated better than this.

where papers from my desk migrate to

the only storage in the room, which all has to be moved when we have guests


I paid a lot of money to move this desk from England to pile crap all over it.

I hope you enjoyed my shameful before pics. Now I need to go get on with sorting it out. I’m planning to spend no more than an hour a day on this. I have other stuff that needs doing, like cooking, shopping, showering, watching Dance Moms – don’t judge me – and I’m working on the principal of evolution not revolution remember? I’ll update in a week. I promise. No, honestly I will. You hang up first.


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