the theory behind the blog

I am not a writer,  I am ….. um, having trouble with this. Why can I not complete that sentence? Why have I sat at my computer and spent many minutes trying to figure that out. It really shouldn’t be such a hard question. I am many things, in no particular order I am wife, mom, homeowner, pet owner, sister, aunt, friend, neighbor, immigrant. It’s easy to quantify what I am to other people, not so easy when it comes to what I am to myself.

Wow, we’re getting deep and it’s only post number 1! What this blog is, is an attempt by a normal person (that’s me!) to improve my life. One week at a time. Evolution not revolution.

Some background: I’m 45 years old, live in the USA having been raised in the UK. After working for many years in finance and administration I left the workforce to raise my son. I consider myself kind and caring, a non-smoker, dog lover, cheese lover, baker, sausage maker, drinker. I’ve been with my husband for 27 years and still enjoy his company above all others.

But something has to change because although I have happy times or moments or days, I would not consider myself satisfied with my life. I feel like I’m a beat behind, I’m never quite on top of things. I often tidy one room at the expense of another. I have many unfinished projects. I hope this doesn’t become one of them.

So, this year – of course I’m starting in February because I wasn’t organized enough to start at the beginning of the calendar year – I’m planning to change things up a bit. Not in the realms of sell the house and buy a farm, although I would love some chickens. More in the realms of clean out the junk draw or take the dogs for a walk. Chickens might come later but I’m not ready just yet. Junk first, then chickens. Junk then chickens. Junk chickens. Drunk chickens? Get a grip Suzie!

My plan? I hear no one but the strange voice in my head ask. Make a list of things I am unhappy with and would like to change (already done – hey this could work!). Take one thing of the list each week and work in a smallish change. Do it all week and see if it helps. If it does, keep doing it, if not try something else another time. Then document the journey, success or failure and hope there are more wins than fails.

Here we go. Oh, by the way as I said at the beginning of this post, not a writer, OK? I have no idea what the present indicative is, I could just about identify a split infinitive but use them anyway. All the time. I actually like them. I also don’t know how to spell some words, words like successess I mean I know roughly, enough to get my point accross I feel, and I will correcct when I can but don’t judge me. I’m human or very nearly.


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